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About Us

Humidity Control Systems, Inc. (HCS, Inc.) is committed to providing a "fresh solution" for residential and commercial refrigerators.  Our refrigerator filters help ensure fresher and safer food while controlling odor, saving energy and money.  Our products contain environmentally friendly ingredients of the highest quality to ensure long lasting results. 

Our goal is for every food service provider and homemaker to experience the difference a fresher and more efficient refrigerator can make.

In 1987 Stan and Norma Gittelman started the company from their home office in Southern California; they grew their business locally and soon Humidity Control Systems, Inc. (HCS, Inc.) was off and running!

Today, CoolerKING® is used by major companies including fast food chains, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and grocery stores, throughout the United States.

The vision of food safety and freshness evolved into the development of Polar Fresh®. This product offers the same security and peace of mind to consumers in their home refrigerators by creating a safer and fresher food storage environment.

In 1994, HCS's corporate office moved from California to Carson City, Nevada and the company continues to promote CoolerKING® and Polar Fresh® and is looking ahead to developing and marketing new products.