CoolerKING® filter

Happy Customers

"The use of this product has resulted in lower energy bills: with out the moisture, our refrigerators cool more efficiently.  Our repair costs have also been reduced as routine maintenance is not required as often. CoolerKING is a permanent part of our preventative maintenance program as well as our commitment to serve fresher food, and I would recommend it to any business that uses refrigeration."

Jack in the Box
Emerald Cascade Restaurant Systems, Inc. - Encinitas, California
Adam Gonzales – Chief Operating Officer

"Having interviewed our general managers about their experiences with CoolerKING, I have received nothing but praises. CoolerKING filters operate in a manner that keeps our food fresh and pleasing for our customers.  We have received numerous comments on our vegetables and their crisp and farm-fresh appearance. My managers also appreciate the filters system’s way of keeping the aromas in the walk-in from spreading.  CoolerKING filters have helped us keep our patrons happy while assisting us in running a manageable, efficient and successful business.  We would be happy to endorse them anytime."

Wendy’s Old Fashion Hamburgers
Danielle Velasquez –Area Manager for Franchise Group

"It helps prolong the shelf life of food and keeps them looking and tasting great. I can fully support CoolerKING® and encourage all chefs and other people in the food industry to use this item."

The Ritz-Carlton - Laguna Nigel, CA
Christian Rassinoux - Executive Chef

"The CoolerKING filters have worked perfectly in keeping the air temperature and humidity levels  down.  I would most definitely recommend, to any owner of a food service business using walk-in our reach-in refrigerators, to use your filters."

Tad’s Steak’s Inc. – San Francisco, California
David Kunz - Manager

 "The temperature holds a lot better and the moisture level has stayed down preventing any mold and mildew from forming. The quality of the food I serve to my customers is very important to us and with CoolerKING, I have been able to maintain the level of quality that my customers deserve. I would recommend CoolerKING to anyone."

Thurmans Ranch Family Dinning – Carson City, Nevada
Skip Thurman - Owner

"I’m impressed at how CoolerKING filters solved my excess moisture problem while lowering the temperature and controlling the odors in my walk in cooler."

F & M Deli – Mt. Laurel, New Jersey
Felix – Manager

"Our cooler stays drier and all produce holds up better giving me more to use. With CoolerKING the temperature stays colder and there is less odor within my cooler. I have no problems with mildew which I credit to CoolerKING filters."

Glen Eagles – Carson City, Nevada
Chef John Ammerman
2006 World Champion Salsa Winner

"The CoolerKING filters seem to be keeping my foods a lot fresher and since they have been in my cooler, I do not have to clean as often as it has eliminated any and all mildew within the cooler."

Station Grill – Carson City, Nevada
Chef Todd Boerner - Executive Chef Capitol City Entertainment


"We believe in doing all that we can to promote quality and are pleased to partner with CoolerKING in promoting improved systems toward quality for our patients and cafeteria patrons. We do not have to worry about condensation within our coolers which helps to eliminate the problems with mold and bacteria."

Carson Tahoe Regional Healthcare – Carson City, Nevada
Kim Mason, MS, RD
Manager Food and Nutrition Services

"For the past 5 years CoolerKING has kept our meats and seafood fresher and brighter. Our customers can always tell the difference over our competitors."

Butcher Boy Prime Meats – Reno, Nevada
Clint Jolly – Partner


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