CoolerKING® filter


Hospitals benefit from CoolerKING® service in several ways. When a patient’s immune system is compromised it is more important than ever that they eat fresh food so the possibility of contracting food-borne illness is minimized.

CoolerKING® can also help reduce odors in refrigerators used to store the blood and urine samples which can be unpleasant for staff working in these environments.

CoolerKING® is a very simple and inexpensive "green" solution that will enhance your food safety program and transform your refrigerators into a more efficient food storage environment by keeping them colder, drier and safer for food storage.  The result is more money in your pocket due to energy savings and reduced food waste.

Let us condition your coolers and show you what CoolerKING® can do for you. Use the free trial request form to get more information on how you can start your free trial.