CoolerKING® filter

Hotels & Casinos

Hotels and Casinos normally deal with a high volume of food and often serve large parties and banquets.  With CoolerKING®, kitchen staff can do prep work ahead of time and store the food in coolers knowing that it will remain fresh.  The engineering department can also greatly benefit from incorporating CoolerKING® service in to their preventative maintenance program because it reduces the wear and tear and extends the life of the equipment resulting in lower repair and maintenance costs and energy savings.

CoolerKING® is a very simple and inexpensive "green" solution that will enhance your food safety program and transform your refrigerators into a more efficient food storage environment by keeping them colder, drier and safer for food storage. 

Let us condition your coolers and show you what CoolerKING® can do for you. Use the free trial request form to get more information on how you can start your free trial.