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According to an ongoing study, The Garbage Project," undertaken by William Rathje at the University of Arizona, the average household throws away 150 pounds in spoiled produce each year. Nationwide, this loss adds up to about 30 billion dollars.

The challenge of keeping food fresh is not a new problem and has existed since the dawn of civilization. Porous clay jugs used in hot desert countries, the springhouse on the farm and more recently the ice box have all been employed to do the job. Only in the last sixty years has the advent of mechanical refrigeration provided a giant step forward in the quest to preserve fresh food as long as possible.

Today, another "quantum leap" has occurred in the pursuit of keeping food fresher and preventing odors. Polar Fresh® is now available for every family to have in their own refrigerator at home.

Polar Fresh® also offers a new way of reducing energy consumption in the home providing consumers with a means of contributing to the cause of energy conservation.

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