CoolerKING® filter


According to Southern California Edison, 50% of a supermarket’s annual electric costs go to refrigeration systems. In a typical store the cost of energy can equal or even exceed profit. Any type of measure or technology that can reduce infiltration of warm air into the cold zone of cools and display cases is highly beneficial. If you can improve energy consumption you are improving your profit margin.

When warm air enters the cooler, heat and water vapor are swiftly absorbed by CoolerKING® filters.  Heat exchange takes place inside the mineral so air in the refrigerator does not increase in temperature. This results in less wear and tear on your refrigerator equipment because it does not have to run as much or as long to keep your refrigerator cold. This process allows for heat exchange to take place more efficiently resulting in lower temperatures and less energy usage.

Not only do supermarkets have to deal with energy challenges they also have to comply with FDA temperature requirements for storing meat, dairy, deli, fish, poultry and cut produce.  

CoolerKING® is a very simple and inexpensive "green" solution that will enhance your food safety program and transform your refrigerators into a more efficient food storage environment by keeping them colder, drier and safer for food storage.

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