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Happy Customers

"We can finally keep produce for weeks instead of days"
Pete & Shari Baker

"Being a vegetarian it has been difficult to keep vegetables fresh for any period of time. Your product has extended the life of vegetables at least two times longer than normal. I would never go back to not having your product in my refrigerator!"
Nancy Currie

"This product is fabulous! Everything stays fresh much longer. No spoilage and my fridge is COLD - just the way I like it!"
Marilyn Elias

"I was at first a little skeptical thinking it was nothing more than the old standby "baking soda".  When I got home I placed the product in my fridge.  I noticed that no matter what I purchased, it stayed fresher so much longer.  I am now a firm believer in this product and try to get all of our guests to try it out."
Jane Glen
Store Manager for Optimum Health Institute in Cedar Creek Texas

"I‘ve used it (Polar Fresh) for about a month and am pleased with it. It seems to reduce the humidity, and also keeps the fridge colder somehow.  I’ve turned the refrigerator down to almost the lowest setting and it’s still quite cold."
Janet Zimmerman

"In short, the product works and works wonders. Our refrigerator has been dripping water for years – we even place a container in the refrigerator to catch the water overnight and dump it the next morning.  Polar Fresh has stopped the dripping – just like magic.  Polar Fresh solved a problem that even the refrigerator repairman could not fix!
Peter Gerard


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