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FAQ – Polar Fresh

Why use Polar Fresh® instead of baking soda?

Baking soda absorbs some odor and only a very short time. As soon as moisture builds up on the surface of baking soda (usually within a few days) it tends to crust over rendering it useless. Polar Fresh® actually stops odor before it starts by controlling the bacteria-breeding moisture that causes odor. By controlling the excess moisture it also keeps all your food fresher longer while helping to keep food safer to eat. All this, plus energy savings makes Polar Fresh® the clear choice.  It is truly your total solution for a fresher fridge.

How do I know when to change Polar Fresh®?

Depending on the humidity where you live and the condition of your refrigerator Polar Fresh® will last from three to four months. Before you place Polar Fresh® in your refrigerator simply write the expected replacement date (approximately 3 months from your starting date) in the space provided on the top of the box. When you notice food not staying as fresh or odor returning it is time to change Polar Fresh®.

Are there any chemicals in Polar Fresh® that I should be concerned about?

Polar Fresh® contains a blend of 100% natural minerals. They are completely safe to use in a refrigerator but normal care should be taken to prevent small children from opening the box.

Where should I put Polar Fresh® in my refrigerator?

Polar Fresh® can be placed anywhere in your refrigerator however, it is best to place it as high as possible for maximum air circulation.

How does Polar Fresh® save energy?

Because Polar Fresh® absorbs warm air that enters through your refrigerator door your refrigerator doesn’t have to work as hard to cool. This means less wear and tear on the equipment as well as less run time because the refrigerator stays colder. You are saving money on energy because Polar Fresh® is working to keep your refrigerator colder and less energy is being used to cool it.

How much colder will my refrigerator be?

Normally the temperature will tend to drop a few degrees and stay consistently colder. If you notice liquids or lettuce freezing then you must adjust your temperature control up a notch or two to compensate for the new, colder conditions.

Will Polar Fresh® dry out my food?

No, the special blend of natural minerals inside Polar Fresh® have the ability to absorb excess moisture, purify it, and then release it back into the refrigerator to maintain optimum humidity levels for food freshness.

What should I do with it when it has expired?

You can simply toss Polar Fresh® in the trash or if you have potted plants or a garden the mineral can be added to the soil to provide aeration for the roots and to improve drainage. Simply cut open the filter bag and work the mineral into the soil – another solution to help your household "go green".