Polar Fresh® filter

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How It Works

Polar Fresh® keeps food fresher longer... so you really see the difference!

Lowering temperature and reducing excess moisture produces a drier, crisper air quality inside a refrigerator. In addition to controlling temperature and moisture, filters absorb the ethylene gas put off by the food stored in the cooler - thereby extending the life of all the food stored inside. Purified moisture is then released back into the air as needed creating ideal humidity levels for food storage. It takes only a few days to notice a remarkable difference in food quality. When food stays fresher you don’t throw away as much and you don’t have to shop as often. This means Polar Fresh® pays for itself many times over in actual dollar savings and extra convenience for busy homemakers.

Polar Fresh® gives you a safer refrigerator for food storage.

With mounting concern over ever-increasing incidents of food-borne illness, you will appreciate an effective tool that helps protect your family from this threat. Polar Fresh® keeps refrigerators colder and controls excess moisture which breeds the bacteria that causes food to spoil. A refrigerator that stays colder and drier is a safer food storage environment.

Polar Fresh® helps your refrigerator run more efficiently and use less energy

Refrigeration is the removal of heat. Water/vapor is heat, also known as latent or "hidden" heat. Because Polar Fresh® controls excess water/vapor it benefits the refrigerator in much the same way a fifth gear benefits the engine and transmission of an automobile. It lightens the load. Because the entire system works more efficiently the result is less wear and tear and colder temperature. Having a new way of reducing energy consumption in the home not only saves money but also provides consumers with a means of contributing to the cause of energy conservation.

Polar Fresh® eliminates and prevents odor

Odor consists of tiny physical particles that ride "piggyback" on moisture molecules inside a refrigerator. The minerals in Polar Fresh® possess a naturally occurring, negative ionic charge which allows them to absorb the positively charged moisture molecules. When the excess moisture is absorbed the odor is trapped as well. Polar Fresh® "scrubs" the air preventing food-to-food odor transfer resulting in better tasting food. While this process works continually to keep the cooler fresh and clean smelling, it is also controlling odor by preventing spoilage.